We are Liv, a platform that provides coaching and mentoring for CEOs and aspiring leaders. It’s lonely at the top. That's why we believe every leader needs the right coach, mentor and measurement system to ensure success.

Liv helps CEOs achieve their goals, think clearer and remove the glass ceiling that is holding you back. Our coaches use the latest science, peer learning and proven strategies so you can perform like a Fortune 500 leader. Greatness starts here.

Our coaching system is developed by the Esho team, led by economist, investor and entrepreneur Peter Esho. Peter is the current Chairman at Wealthi, a private equity and VC backed global investment platform founded in 2017. He regularly features in media outlets such as ABC, Bloomberg and BBC News.

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Peter Esho

Peter is an experience entrepreneur and economist. He is the Founder of Esho Research, Co-Founder of Wealthi and regularly featured on ABC News, Bloomberg, CNBC and other major media outlets across Asia.